Long-term Caravan and Cabin Rental

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We Service the Lakes, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions


If you’re looking for a long-term accommodation alternative, why not look at one of our cosy cabins?

They come in two configurations – small or large single room Chalet or One Bedroom Room – with a variety of facilities like a fridge, bathroom, kitchenette and they provide that extra space with all the comforts of home.

Our cabins are fully insulated and are for a 3 month or longer contract making them an ideal option as an extra sleep out, granny flat or temporary budget accommodation Subject to availability.

Our long term cabins are on a 3 month or longer contract. We can also make arrangements for a WINZ quote.

For more information on available cabins and pricing please select the cabin below and complete the contact form within the page  alternatively call 07 343 7570 or email info@acecaravans.co.nz


ACE Caravans was originally set up back in 1986, and it has remained in family hands ever since. Owner Cliff Gadsby has been working in the business for 20 years and this ‘time on the job’ has allowed him to build up an unrivalled level of campervan expertise. He is a technical expert who has spent countless hours repairing, refurbishing and servicing caravans, both for short term or long term rental. And with this knowledge and experience, you can be sure you’re renting a vehicle that will suit your every need.

We offer a range of sizes for our long term caravan rentals. They range from 4.6 Metre, (15ft), to 8 metre, (26ft).  All caravans come with a small cooker and fridge. Sizes and layouts differ from van to van.

Our long term caravans are on a 3 month or longer contract, or less by special arrangement. We can also make arrangements for a WINZ quote.

For more information on available caravans and pricing please select your caravan size and complete the contact form contained on the page. Alterantively call 07 343 7570 or email info@acecaravans.co.nz

Please note these are just a few examples of caravans in our fleet. All caravans are subject to availability.



CARAVAN – 4.6 METRES (15ft)